"It's not about Ebisu"

November 20:

207 Auditorium, 2nd floor
School of the Arts
University of Haifa

Ebisu is a sign language research laboratory group that began operating in 2014 as part of the Grammar of the Body (GRAMBY) Research Project, headed by Prof. Wendy Sandler and funded by the ERC. Most of the nine Theatre Lab actors are deaf and hard-of-hearing, and all of them use Israeli Sign Language (ISL) on a daily basis. The group uses ISL combined with expressive gestures and physical theatre in order to develop a form of visual theatre that is aimed at both deaf and hearing spectators. The group, directed by Prof. Atay Citron, a well-known theatre director and a professor at the Theatre department in the University of Haifa, draws our inspiration from deaf culture and from the work of 20th Century theatre experimentalists such as Meyerhold, Artaud, Grotowski and the Living Theatre, who were all searching for a theatre language that does not depend entirely on dialogue and spoken word.

The performance of this group is especially suitable for the audience of the suggested conference, as it demonstrates artistically the importance and the expressivity of multi modal and body communication.